Rodeo Queens Wearing D'Anton Leather

D'Anton Leather is worn by rodeo queens all across the US and Canada, in all levels of competition. Browse through our Rodeo Queen Galleries by year or by designer on our main "desktop" website. This page gives just a small taste of rodeo queen leather dresses made with genuine D'Anton Leather.

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Nicky Moody
Miss Rodeo North Carolina 2017

Lisa Lagaschaar, Miss Rodeo America 2017 Lisa's flamed copper baroque leather dress is designed by Malinda Crews

Nicky's fire red lambskin dress was designed by Jan Faulkner . Photo by Sherry Smith.

Kayla Vincent
Miss Rodeo Oregon 2017

Kayla Vincent, Miss Rodeo Oregon 2017, in a purple lambskin leather dress

Kayla's purple lambskin leather dress is designed by Donna Riva. Photo by Sherry Smith.

McKenna Greene
Miss Rodeo Louisiana 2017

McKenna Greene, Miss Rodeo Louisiana 2017

McKenna's wearing a white savina print leather jacket over a light blue pearlized lambskin dress. Note the matching lambskin piping. Designed by Malinda Crews. Photo by Sherry Smith.


Emma Jumper
Miss Rodeo Mississippi 2017

Carly Kidner, Miss Rodeo Ohio 2016</p>
            <p align=Emma's black lambskin skirt is paired with a matching lambskin-trimmed cape. Designed by Brooke Lange. Photo by Sherry Smith.Photo by Sherry Smith.

This a small sample of rodeo queen leather dresses made with genuine D'Anton Leather. Browse through the Rodeo Queen Galleries featured on our main "desktop" website to see many more.